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Apple Battery Pack, MagSafe - White

KShs 16,000

At your desk and need a charge? Just plug a Lightning cable into the MagSafe Battery Pack for up to 15W of wireless charging. Short on time? With a higher than 20W power adapter, you can charge both the MagSafe Battery Pack and your iPhone even faster. And you can track the status of your charge on the Lock Screen.

Image Accessory Price +/-
Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter - White KShs 3,500
Apple Watch Magnetic Charger (1M) - White KShs 7,000

Easily and conveniently add extra power to your iPhone with the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. Adding power to your smartphone can be done with bulky battery-filled cases or cumbersome power banks and extra cables, but with MagSafe, Apple makes the whole process almost effortless. With a click of the perfectly aligned built-in magnets, the MagSafe Battery Pack attaches securely to the back of your iPhone 12/13, iPhone 12/13 mini, iPhone 12/13 Pro, or iPhone 12/13 Pro Max. Once attached, it automatically begins to recharge your phone wirelessly with up to 15W of power.

Interference Free

The MagSafe Battery pack has been engineered to not interfere with other wireless items you may have nearby or in your pockets, such as credit cards or key fobs.

Fast Recharging

When it's time to recharge the battery pack, simply use an (optional) power adapter and Lightning cable. If you use a 15W adapter, the MagSafe Battery Pack will recharge itself while connected to your iPhone 12/13. If you use a 20W or above power adapter, the battery pack and your iPhone 12/13 will recharge at the same time. However you recharge, you can monitor how it's going on your phone's lock screen.

  • For iPhone 12 & 13 (mini, Pro & Pro Max)
  • Attaches via Built-In Magnets
  • Automatic Recharging When Attached
  • Up to 15W of Wireless Charging
  • Does Not Interfere with Cards & Fobs
  • Cable & Power Adapter Not Included

1 x Apple Battery Pack, MagSafe - White

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