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Amazfit T-Rex Pro GPS Smartwatch (Meteorite Black)

KShs 21,000
KShs 19,000

For those who prefer to stay fit by adventuring outdoors and exploring the unknown, the T-Rex Pro GPS Smartwatch from Amazfit is designed to withstand the abuse. The T-Rex Pro passed 15 different military-grade tests across temperature, water, and shock categories. This protection combined with 328' of water resistance means that the T-Rex Pro can handle both the land and the sea. No matter where you go, the T-Rex Pro can track and navigate your surroundings with accuracy, thanks to its support for four different global navigation satellite systems.

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With up to 18 days of battery life under typical use, you can go on long adventures or just enjoy the T-Rex Pro from day to day without worrying about recharging it. Whether you trek the great outdoors on the weekend or hit the gym after a busy 9-to-5, the T-Rex Pro has you covered with over 100 different sport modes. As you track your fitness, the T-Rex Pro can also keep tabs on your health with heart rate and blood oxygen saturation monitoring. These can help with everything from how you handle high elevations outside to managing daily stress. Add in sleep tracking and personal assistant features, and the T-Rex Pro can easily be your around-the-clock companion.

Military-Grade Toughness

Passing over 15 military-grade tests, the T-Rex Pro is made to handle the rigors of not just outdoor use, but extreme outdoor conditions. Some of its resistance abilities include:

Up to 158°F
Down to -40°F
240 hours in humid conditions
96 hours subjected to salt spray
Ice and freezing rain
Impact and shock

Made for the Outdoors

In addition to the T-Rex Pro's support for four global navigation satellite systems, this smartwatch features a host of other outdoor-specific functions. It can track the weather, monitor sunset and sunrise, and show you the current moon phase. It also has a built-in compass for traditional navigation and a barometric altimeter.

Over 100 Sport Modes

A plethora of indoor and outdoor activities can be tracked to provide you with essential and sport-specific metrics, guiding you towards your fitness goals. The T-Rex Pro supports over 100 different sport modes, and most provide data on your heart rate, distance traveled, movement speed, and calories burned in real time. Below is a full list of the supported sport modes:

Running & Walking: Outdoor running, walking, treadmill, trail running, race walking, and indoor walking
Cycling: Outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, mountain biking, and BMX
Swimming: Open water swimming and pool swimming
Outdoor Sports:: Hunting, climbing, fishing, hiking, skateboarding, roller skating, rock climbing, orienteering, and parkour
Indoor Sports: HIIT, core training, rowing machine, mixed aerobics, strength training, stretching, stair-climbing machine, Pilates, flexibility training, indoor fitness, stair stepper, step training, gymnastics, elliptical, yoga, free training, aerobics, group calisthenics, body combat, and cross-training
Dance: Ballet, belly dance, square dance, street dance, ballroom dance, general dance, Zumba, Latin dance, and jazz dance
Combat Sports: Fencing, karate, boxing, judo, wrestling, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, taekwondo, martial arts, and kickboxing
Ball Sports: Cricket, baseball, bowling, squash, rugby, basketball, softball, gateball, volleyball, table tennis, hockey, handball, badminton, soccer, beach soccer, and beach volleyball
Water Sports: Surfing, sailing, kite surfing, outdoor boating, paddleboarding, and drifting
Winter Sports: Curling, snowboarding, downhill skiing, outdoor skating, skiing, indoor skating, cross-country skiing, bobsleigh and tobogganing, sledding, ski orienteering, and biathlon
Leisure Sports: Hula hoop, frisbee, darts, kite flying, tug of war, and shuttlecock kicking
Others: Archery, equestrianism, stair climbing, jumping rope, and driving

ExerSense Automatic Tracking

The integrated ExerSense algorithm can automatically detect eight different sport modes and record the corresponding data. This automatic detection and tracking is compatible with outdoor running, indoor walking, walking, treadmill, outdoor cycling, rowing machine, elliptical, and pool swimming.


The integrated FirstBeat algorithm is designed to assess specialized data to quantify your fitness accomplishments after each challenge. Data such as your maximum oxygen uptake, full recovery time, and training load.

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)

With PAI, you can get a single, easily trackable numerical value to assess your health over time. PAI obtains this value by using an algorithm to combine complex data points together, such as your heart rate, activity duration, and other data. PAI supports most workout modes, regardless of time or location, and can deliver an assessment for individual users.

SomnusCare Sleep Tracking

In addition to getting enough exercise and eating right, getting good quality sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to SomnusCare sleep tracking built into the T-Rex Pro, you can view a variety of sleep metrics each day when you wake up. This smartwatch can recognize different sleep stages, such as light, deep, and REM, as well as daytime naps. In addition to duration and quality, this feature can also monitor any potential breathing problems you may have as you sleep.

Personal Assistant

A large part of your day is not spent working out. During these times, the T-Rex Pro can still be useful as a wrist-based personal assistant. When paired with your smartphone, the T-Rex Pro can provide notifications of incoming text messages and calls, show custom alarms, remind you of important events, and control music playback on your phone.

Additional Features

1.3" AMOLED always-on touchscreen
High heart rate alerts
HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurement throughout the day for stress monitoring
Silicone strap with a sweat-wicking design

  • Supports 4 GNSS for Outdoor Tracking
  • Passed 15 Military-Grade Stress Tests
  • Up to 328' of Water Resistance
  • Over 100 Different Sport Modes
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Records Blood Oxygen Saturation
  • Sleep & Stress Tracking
  • 1.3" AMOLED Always-On Touchscreen
  • Text, Call, Alarm & Event Notifications
  • Manage Music Playback on Your Phone

Colour Meteorite Black
  • Amazfit T-Rex Pro GPS Smartwatch (Meteorite Black)
  • Magnetic Charging Stand
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